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Spring Garden Safety for Pets


April showers bring May flowers, but some of the plants and gardening products that make spring bloom can potentially make our pets sick, or worse.


In order to protect your pet from possible poisoning, it's important to make sure you keep known poisonous plants  and toxic items out of reach, watch for plants and toxic items that have been chewed on, keep an eye on your pet for symptoms of poisoning, and take your pet - and a sample of the toxic plant or packaging from the item - with you to your veterinarian immediately if you suspect a poisonous item has been consumed. If you are concerned about your pet being poisoned, please contact us right away. In the case of an after-hours emergency, please contact one of the emergency clinics in the area (their contact information can be found on the Emergencies page) or call the Pet Poison Control Helpline at 1-800-213-8860 (a $35 fee per call will apply). 


Toxic Plants

Eating poisonous plants is one of the most common ways that many pets ingest toxic substances. Since there are few effective treatments for toxic plant ingestion, a small mistake in the garden could be catastrophic for your pet and your family.  Here are some of the more common plants that are poisonous if eaten:


- Azalea

- Bittersweet

- Caladium

- Clematis

- Crocus

- Death Camas

- Ferns

- Foxglove

- Hyacinth

- Iris

- Lilies - Day Lily, Easter Lily, Tiger Lily

- Lily-of-the-Valley

- Morning Glory

- Oleander

- Rhododendron

- Tulip


Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Weed Killers

Although these products can make your plants healthier, they can injure or even kill a pet. Choose pet-safe options for substances like snail bait and weed and feed products, or go organic and try planting flowers like Mexican marigold, which naturally repel insects without harming animals.  When all else fails, check the label and ask a gardening professional. If there's doubt about a product's safety for your pet, don't use it.




Adapted from VPI Pet Insurance Health Zone handout reprinted with permission by Merial.



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