Sunray Animal Clinic

73 Admiral Fitch Avenue
Brunswick, ME 04011


Nancy Hunsberger

Veterinary Technician

Nancy lives in Bowdoinham with her husband Ben and her dogs Hobi and Watson.


Joyce Neely

Veterinary Technician

Joyce graduated from the University of Maine at Orono and has been a licensed veterinary technician since 1981. She has two grown children and currently lives with Hannah, a Shepherd Mix and Cecilia, a Shih-Tzu Mix. When not at work Joyce enjoys sewing, baking, and working in her garden.



 Lindsey Dubois

Cheryl Lewis

Cheryl grew up on a farm in Indiana with her five brothers and sisters. She raised her two daughters in different Navy ports, finally settling in Maine 15 years ago, where she raised chickens, rabbits, and several other small, furry critters. She currently lives in Woolwich, near her two granddaughters, with her husband Rian, her Cairn terrier Gracie, and her three cats, Benny, Joon, and Lola. She has worked at Sunray Since 2001.





Sue Thomason

Sue lives in Topsham with her dogs Henry and Stanley and her six cats (Fluffy Bunny, Lou, Lucia, Sammy, Smee, and Vinnie).




Patti Carter

Patti lives in Brunswick with her husband Blaine. Together they own Merrymeeting Kennels, and breed German Shorthaired Pointers.






Bonnie Kipple


Bonnie is originally from Montana, where she was the daughter of a wheat farmer and the oldest sibling of three. She had a great childhood…experiencing imaginary places, the great outdoors and the companionship with all the animals she encountered.  Since then, she has lived in all four corners of theUnited States. She has a wonderful husband Greg; two adult children and five grandchildren.  In August of 2000 she, her daughter Tobi, and some of her pets drove fromMontana to their destination -Woolwich,Maine, where she met up with Greg, who was coming back Stateside fromSpain. She and Greg then returned to Montana by train for the rest of their pets: three older dogs, three cats, a Blue and Gold Macaw, variousother birds and three tanks of fish. Everyone made it to Maine just fine, but what a trip!


Since moving to Maine Bonnie has lost many of her pets to old age, but she still has Lizzy, a plated lizard; Powder, a blind ferret, and two older cats, Percy and Sammy. Her family has acquired three puppies with health issues: Ginger Snap, a Yorkie with a liver shunt; Fortune Cookie, a Shih-tzu with multiple internal problems, and Gentleman Jack, a miniature Dachshund with myasthenia gravis. She also has a Macaw named Gilbert and a Red-headed Amazon parrot named El Pollo.


Her first job was a telephone operator in Montana. Later, she went to college to work on an Early Childhood degree. She worked for United Cerebral Palsy in central California as a teacher, then was a teacher for Head Start in Montana. In Maine, she has worked at a local pet store and later at a dog daycare. She joined Sunray Animal Clinic in March, 2009.




 Cody Alexander

 When not working at Sunray, Cody enjoys gardening, fishing, and camping.  She lives in Woolwich with her husband Cameron and their two Rottweilers Ava and Kirby and their three cats, Misses, Gizmo, and Tippy.







Robert Norwood, Jr.

Practice Manager

Originally from East Boothbay, Maine, Bob is a graduate of the University of Maine in Orono. When he is not working at Sunray, Bob is a commercial lobsterman.





Office Cat


Cosmo was born in the spring of 2009 and adopted from the Coastal Humane Society in October of that year. His interests include playing in water, jumping on people's shoulders, batting wadded-up paper balls, getting underfoot, and causing general mischief.